Attack in Berlin

58583db1c46188474d8b456aAutomobiles are death machines.

Although this is nothing new–scores of victims of automobile accidents have known this all too well in their last moments–it is only now entering Western consciousness that you do not need guns and bombs and such to kill masses of people.

That trucks can and have and will be used in terrorist operations is a sorry fact of life in industrial society. It’s that simple: you want cars, you have death machines.

These death machines are everywhere. Their use is not and cannot be effectively regulated. Anyone can buy or steal one and go on a killing spree. If you think the US has a problem with all the millions of guns out there with which to kill and maim and terrorize, you’re right.

But the entire industrialized world has a problem with the automobile. To make ourselves thoroughly dependent on it was one of the greater mistakes of recent centuries. Now this problem is so entrenched that, as long as industrial society prevails, with our innumerable illusions of security and control, you can do fuck all about it.

I’m sure they will try. The result will be this: we who do not intend to crush people’s bodies with trucks will be put into ever tinier cages, under ever more scrupulous surveillance, our lives becoming ever more constricted and barren.

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