Ultimate motivation in fitness

big-biceps-nowWhen it comes to fitness and exercise there are as many motivations as there are practitioners, right?


I took my dog for a fancy check-up at the vet’s all the way out of the city yesterday. Since the check-up was going to take over an hour and require my sweet brother to be sedated, I had some time to waste and decided to stroll down the street and soon found one of them outdoor gyms at a nearby park.

The exercise I tried first was one of the hardest ones there and involved pushing two thingies away from your chest while seated and thus lifting your whole body up in the air.

An evil invention indeed. With some repeats the thing quickly became very exhausting, and it was especially difficult to drive the movement away from the chest all the way out to straight arms.

I quickly noticed motivation would become paramount, and an image of me choking a neo-nazi nationalist cunt to death immediately popped into my head. You know, one of them dummies you so often actually meet at the gym. This visualization made the exercise much easier and more enjoyable, while before that it was becoming a chore.

It made me think, and I maybe you’ll agree with the conclusion I soon reached:

In gyms all around the fitness-obsessed world there’s neo-nazi nationalist cunt pumping iron all day long. I mean, it’s not like they play checkers or write poetry or help old ladies cross the street, yeah? So you have whole masses of these dudes, and all of them need motivation to work out, cause working out is a deeply boring and dull affair.

And if a peaceful guy like me (shut up) naturally imagines stomping their brains out, how much better must imagery like this sit with their hatred-filled heads. How many Jews and Gypsies and commies, gays and lesbians, migrants and immigrants, and oh, blacks and browns and all the rest, of course, must die imaginary deaths everywhere, every day? It’s pogrom after pogrom, I assure you.

(We’re not counting other animals, since they actually get hunted and maimed and slaughtered legally, like it’s no big deal.)

Now, remember how in Ghostbusters all this negative energy people were engendering materialized in slimy demons and whatnot? That was bad enough, right?

Think on what total armageddon we’d have going on in if shit actually materialized like that around neo-nazi nationalist cunts holed up in gyms. Total armageddon. But maybe all this evil would first bite back against those who concocted it…

One can dream.

Disclaimer: This post is not actually about motivation to do exercise. and my dog’s check-up went well, thank you.


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