It’s not funny to go blind, but…

My dog recently went through experimental vesicle therapy for his left eye. The procedure, instead of helping him see better, drastically accelerated the onset of cataract in the eye.

In effect, my sweet dog is almost blind in one of his eyes, with the other eye having its own share of problems, including less developed cataract.

This blows.

But we’re coping. Since he lost one of his front legs as a young dog–a long time ago–his spine degenerated over time and I’ve had to support him on walks with a special harness.

This rules.

It’s not funny to go blind, but how about this: You know how blind people use dogs to get around? They call them — you guessed it — seeing eye dogs. That’s nasty business ’cause the dogs are bred for a purpose their own lives would have nothing to do with. They have no say over what happens to them.

But I digress. You know what the harness and the way my dog and I walk, you know what that makes me to him?

It makes me his seeing eye dawg.

There, my first hip hop joke.

So I’ll just keep being that, and all of you keep your fingers crossed for his eye to improve.

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