She walks away spooked

I’m at the park today with the dogs and just as I’m about to take off, I see a woman I know approach us, as she sometimes does when we spot each other there. I used to know her back in the day and recently saw her strolling across the park’s meadow barefoot after she’d set out to jog. Lady’s got her quirks.

But so do I, just wait for it.

So I really have to run and got no time for a chat, and while I am a mighty nice guy — you must know this by now — I got my ways of getting out of a conversation. This goes especially for them sensitive folks.

She approaches us and gets off the phone. Says she likes to go on a walk when she has a long phone conversation to go thru. I too have those long conversations on the phone sometimes, I say. Except… I like to wank it during.

She walks away, spooked. Says she has to go.

Good, ’cause I really, really gotta go, too.

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