This is real#1: Grants

This is real. These people walk among us. I translated this psychology PhD’s grant application into English a while back and that’s all fine and good. If you want the money from foundations or governments you need to inflate your shit as much as possible right? So I understand a certain dose of nonsense is inherent to the process. I get it even tho it’s stupid because it forces even humble people to puff up like the worst narcissist.

But what this guy put in his application, evidently wishing to be sponsored by the enlightened European Union, blew my mind. Under the rubric “broader consequences of the research” he stated that his research would contribute to the development of civilization. You heard me, development of civilization. The greats must falter at your feet.

Regardless of the fact that civilizational development is a terrible, terrible idea since our leashes are already very short and the planet will soon be burnt to cinder, you might wish to know what this guy’s research was more or less about:

Psychological aspects of design and organization of shopping mall spaces.

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