Europe and war

So I’m in eastern Europe and it seems like commodities are not selling fast enough because there’s increased talk of war in Germany, with the government suggesting that maybe the people should start storing food and such. The German government also wants to reinstitute universal conscription since apparently a professional army ain’t enough to grease army wheels. 

Across Poland’s Eastern border there’s plain war going on in the Ukraine, where the Russian military figured they could just waltz in, annex shit, and stay. Because why not. And now they’re mobilizing full-scale “maneuvers” there so it’s clear whose dick is the biggest.

There’s money to be protected and there’s money to be made, as usual. No surprise there. And Europe has seen enough “peace”, no? And peace don’t sell. Or rather, it sells, but, oh Megadeth, who’s buying?

Plus, what are you gonna do? You have all this equipment, all this uber-expensive military gear and you just can’t let it sit there. Maybe, just maybe, people would not want to pay for its upkeep. And you, they, you know, they, the ehm, pardon me for sounding like I’m from the 60s, the military industrial complex, needs more. It needs to pump war into our veins to sell more and more killing gear.

Capital flows wherever it can accumulate faster, and there ain’t no faster way to make more capital than war. And so that’s where the money will go. That’s where it’s been going.

Now, I don’t mean to reproduce all the usual panic talk. But can you say War Neoliberalism?

And by the way, thanks to all the video game developers of the likes of DICE, Treyarch, Ubisoft, Valve Corporation, and others, companies that have made billions of dollars making war seem cool, worth it, and simply a matter of course. Battlefield, Call of fucking Duty, Counterstrike, Ghost Recon. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid shit.

It’s not fucking worth it and it’s never cool–and fuck whoever wants you to think it is. I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t even like people. I don’t, ask anyone. But why does it have to be that the most fragile of us and the other animals out there always get fucked while the rich degenerates and war mongers make money and get their boners on with the killing?

I got old dogs, one of whom is seriously handicapped. What am I gonna do? Leave them behind? Fight or run away? Are you going to tell me to go fight for my people? Because I will do that. It’s just that there’s no way I have 38 million people. I have a few I hold dear and that is it. Some of them live in the same house and some live an ocean and continent away. But for an abstraction such as the nation? Go fight for this stupid country here with a gun stuck to the back of my head? So I can then go work for a corporation or factory if I survive with holes in my soul the size of craters? Or rot away dismembered in a ditch somewhere if I don’t?


Capitalists, think of another way to rob people and ravage this planet.

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