Poland and ISIS

Polish government is supplying (F16) fighter jets to the anti-ISIS international coalition. There have been no Islam-themed terrorist attacks in Poland to date. The government has recently pushed through a new, invasive antiterrorism act and is looking to show there exists measurable terrorist threat.

I can only assume the government is now trying to create that threat by making itself known as a member of the coalition, so that it can enforce the antiterrorism act and put ever more surveillance on the asses of the citizenry. If nothing else, this is how you draw attention to yourself.
And if the threat was not real before, now it very well may be. Thanks, government. You are fucking stupid.
This is what happened in France, whose citizens were and still are and will keep being punished for the French government’s meddling in Middle Eastern affairs and banking on destabilization in the region — read: supplying weapons in the conflicts in Syria etc.
If — or rather when — there are attacks in Poland, I hope it is those directly responsible for provoking them that will be targeted. They deserve it, as do those that elected those assholes. Too bad they’re mixed in with everyone else.
This condemnation of the right-wing government is not an endorsement of parliamentary opposition, i.e., the neoliberals. Those fucks would have done the same thing and if they are targeted, I will not raise a finger in their defence either.
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