Lana Kane sucks and no it’s not good

sterling_archer_plain_white_stencil_by_heinpold-d5v0yaa.pngYou seen Archer? What a neat cartoon that is. Ah, the balls on that one. Kudos! Apart from being nice to fall asleep to — this is not a bad thing — it’s a load of stupid and at the same time smart fun. But if you think this means there’s fun to be had wherever you look, you are wrong.

There’s always a character that pisses the shit out of you, isn’t there? In my case it’s usually a big-boobed bimbo stylized as sexy and inadvertently as shallow and boring and just ahh get off the screen. Remember Penny from Big Bang Theory? Yeah, that kind of annoying. Takes up time with her “empowered,” forced crap.

Lana_KaneIn Archer that annoying character’s name is Lana Kane. Lana-fucking-Kane. Sterling Archer’s ex and hooker boot-wearing twat of an agent. It is not a coincidence that she’s voiced by Aisha Tyler, because Aisha Tyler is officially — you guessed it — not funny, either as a stand-up act or anything else. It’s sad when she pretends to be and she does that a lot with her exaggerated “yuuuuPs” and “noooooPes” on Archer.

Hot? Sure, Tyler is that, and so is her character. But so what, if this hotness is achieved in a predictable, manufactured, silicone-stinking way. She was a nice little motif for, like, 2 episodes, and we had a laugh. But now we’re in season 7 and, oh my god, I am begging you: stop.

Make her disappear. Make her go fuck Matty Roth. They deserve each other.

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