Nothing to hide, start filming

With surveillance cams cheaper than ever, everybody’s buying. Not just corporations and governments obsessed with hiding their dirty deeds and bloody hands. Everyone.

And why wouldn’t they? Death of privacy? But what is privacy, right? What’s wrong with having a dozen cameras film you everywhere you go, all the time?

You know what they say, If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. 

At least I think that’s what they say. I mean, if I was a surveillance tech peddler or a security nut or hated freedom and wanted to pretend to control everything or just was a prying motherfucker bored with his own life, that’s what I would be saying.

So, if you’ve done nothing “wrong,” you have nothing to hide. “Wrong” as in illegal or indecent, and we know who sets definitions for that. The powerful do.

small-penisAnd on that note, before anybody outs me, having placed their camera in my pants, I wish to come out with my big, beautiful dick. I have nothing to hide, Mr. surveillance.

Here it is fully erect. See? I am just sparing them the effort it would take to get to it. Act of kindness on a Sunday. Envy ensues.

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