You can feel safe now


Polish for “You are not free”

You think you benefit from a world obsessed with information? You, little man? You and I do not benefit from that world. We are on the receiving end of a long, hard information cock.

Information is not power. Not quite and not automatically. But information is a automatically a potential weapon, just waiting to be deployed.

And it will be deployed and used against you. Yes, you. Specifically. Not just some other people you don’t give a shit about. You.

There are powerful people with vast resources, embedded in organizations whose size and scope are hard to even grasp, plotting a course straight for the seat of your vanishing freedom. Cameras, satellites, drones, media, genetics, online tracking, what have you. They can see you and see right through you. And not only that: They have us watch each other constantly. They have the little people do their bidding. Assault from all directions.

Well, if you do nothing wrong, I guess you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need your freedom anyway. You haven’t used it in ages for anything other than choice between toothpaste flavors.

But what if there is something fundamentally wrong with the system? What if millions of people, billions on billions of other animals, and the earth itself are all fucked by it? Isn’t it becoming more and more difficult to act and change these things?

If you think the world as it is is basically all right and just needs some tinkering, you should have a hard time right now deep down. Because, you see, that cock I mentioned above? You must have swallowed it and it’s poking its head at your heart.

Brace yourself for a world of security. It is in that world that you and I will perish. Puff.

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