Wood! Not again!

Untitled4I finished the whole of DMZ like a good boy. If you’re going to badmouth something, like i did back here, you better know your stuff. Even if you’re 10 years late. 

Anyhow, I checked what Wood did afterwards, and that’s Northlanders, of course. I briefly got my hopes up — because maybe there was a good, good comic waiting to find its way into my head — only to have them smashed again. Well, smashed maybe too strong a word. Fondled the wrong way?

Lo and behold, who finds his way into another one of Brian Wood’s stories? None other than Matthew fucking Roth. Again? Yes, again. This time a Viking. Named, Sven, by the way. Duh.

So how can Matty Roth make it as a Viking? Well, I’m not going to read on this time, so I’m not going to find out. But my sense is that he wouldn’t make it, and yet, in Wood’s hands, he will. Or he did, given that Northlanders’ run is over by now as well.

This whole thing for me as a comics fan is a big, damned shame. The artwork on Northlanders, much as I’ve seen of it, is sweet.

Sven the Returned, though? How about Sven the Departed? No, Matty Roth, you ain’t getting your money from me.

I’m told Northlanders spans a bunch of different story arcs. But does every one of them have its own Roth?

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