WP hostage-style

wordpress_logoEver since the original name of this blog — may it rest in peace — got messed up though my tinkering with some WordPress mechanics, I’ve been searching for a decent replacement. It had to be something with the sense of right cosmic balance; just the right distance from “haha” on the one hand and “what is wrong with you” on the other; the right amount of salt and pepper and, yes, vinegar; and exactly a 50/50 chance of “geezus, you’re so ugly! get out of here” and “geezus, ugh, OK, you can stay”.

Of course I haven’t found that, but it’s one of the reasons for why not that is curious.

Point is, trying to find a decent and freely available name, I stumbled on something plainly disgusting, and in the most mundane sort of way. See, WordPress has been taken hostage long ago by legions of dickheads and douchebags that started blogs with absolutely no fucking content only to hold on to some slick name. I am talking thousands, probably tens or more, of fake blogs that are empty now and have been empty at least since 2007-2008-2009. Since forever.

Here’s my policy on this: If you’re not using it, let others use it. If you never intended to use it and set it up just to sell it to someone in the far future when they are at your mercy — you oughta get a kick to the balls and then say thank you. Basic decency, folks.

So what does WordPress do to take those unused spaces back?


This is how WordPress does not give a shit about its user base and the quality of its services.

Wait, let me see if http://wordpressareabunchofdumbfucks.wordpress.com is still up for grabs. Ha! Looks like it is. How about I just occupy it now and then sell it off to WordPress later?

Meantime, http://SQAB.wordpress.com is here. Enjoy. Now.



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