Should have killed off Roth, dear Brian Wood and Vertigo

A quick letter of complaint. Back in your days of writing DMZ, you had plentiful opportunities at killing of your protagonist, Matthew Roth. This here (see below) is just one of them.


See how the lady says “Untie him, bring him upstairs”? Don’t! Shoot him! Defy your character’s self-interest and protect ours! Judging by the look of the wall behind the little dude, you’ve done that a bunch of times before. So shoot him!

What? That would have put an end to the whole story before it could be completed and published? All the better!

But no. Not Matty fucking Roth.

You just couldn’t make up your mind if you wanted Roth to be a pussy-face whimpy asshole or a survive-it-all tough guy who can be beaten ad infinitum without ever having a limb broken. Thing is, it did not matter.

What you should have done, sales and whatnot notwithstanding, was to kill him off.

And kill that hipster-ass, urban-chique warzone parody that was DMZ. Zee Hernandez, the golden heart of the story, the priceless local, who’s so busy she still always has the time to paint her fucking nails and dye her hair and dread it up nicely, because it is NYC. In the wake of a nuclear disaster and all-around armageddon, there’s still solar panels to broadcast an independent radio. And I’m sure there’s still underground clubs and DJs. Give me a break.

It’s only the liberal sensibilities of the American left-neoliberal (a.k.a. Democrat) propaganda outlets that could give praise to such a thing and help sell it for you.

Brian Wood, I respect your efforts, but you spread yourself too thin with this one. You just made too many mistakes, too many false moves. Should have scrapped it.

That being impossible, ’cause who’d put themselves out of a gig like that?, people should have scrapped it for you.

What people? Hell if I know.

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