Nuno, ~2003-2018

Nuno passed on last Friday morning, February 23, 2018. The best dog that ever lived, he enjoyed a rich, happy, and long life despite having lost a front leg at age 2 or 3 and spending the rest of his years hopping around on three legs only. He also suffered from Lyme disease, which we discovered around 2012, cataract since around 2016, a host of other, minor ailments, and epilepsy (possibly Lyme-related) in the final months of his life, which brought about what would be the ultimate deterioration of his condition and a seizure last Thursday which lasted throughout the night, brought him much pain and stress, and made me realize that enough was enough. I took him to our trusted vet in the morning after and following a consult with him decided there wasn’t much at all that could be done.

I put my little brother Nuno to sleep, final and eternal.

I cannot even begin to describe the richness of Nuno’s life. We spent over a dozen years together, conditioning and shaping each other and making the best of the time we were given. Ever since he first wagged his tail at me at a shelter I volunteered at in Winter 2005, he was mine and I was his. I think it was a Sunday. Soon after I adopted him and there he was. From then on, as much as possible, we were always together, our shared time the high point of our days. Through times good and bad, we stuck with life until no more could be done, or until the price would have been too high.

Dogs are faithful, loyal, and territorial, and Nuno was all those things just like any other dog. But he was also the kindest soul ever. I mean it. Ever. Not without a lively temperament, as he grew older this kindness would manifest itself ever anew. To our final days together we grew closer and closer, and the love between us had never been as great as when he was already a grandpa dog and I was in my thirties, not as dumb as before. Gray-haired around the nose and forehead, moving around on a harness the last two and a half years of his life, what a sweet little guy he was, what a character. An absolute champion of enjoying the little things in life. Everyone in these parts knew and admired him. In the words of a neighbor of ours, with Nuno’s passing an epoch had come to an end.

Nuno, as I told you just before you drifted off into peace–

I love you always.


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What Net Neutrality?

People are freaking out in the US now about the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allowing corporate communications giants, Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T, even more control over the Internet. If nothing stands in their way, soon a bill will pass through US Congress that will allow these oligopolistic internet providers to effectively censor the web, it is lamented. They will be able to increase access and ease of use of those who can afford to pay extra for their websites to be frequented, and slow down transfers on the smaller sites or even them keep invisible. Supposedly, net neutrality is at stake.

And I ask, What net neutrality? The Internet is not neutral and is already controlled by big business, with its purported democratic nature stretched to the limits with money and stupidity, with those who already have the numbers or nice tits are getting more numbers and the rest are getting fuck all. Where is the freedom that online activity supposedly carries when billions of people land on the same few websites most of the time?

The Internet (thanks for visiting this website, by the way — it is owned by a corporation called WordPress, which is owned by a larger corporation, with that corporation being owned by an even larger corporation). OK, to start the sentence again, the Internet sucks. I wonder how many people in the US, when they heard about what the FCC wants to do, freaked out about what was going to happen to their access to porn. “But is porn safe? Are they going to leave porn on the table?” must have resounded uniformly throughout the American nation. I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t there.

The Internet sucks and is a major distraction from the real global shit the world is mired in today — shit that requires radical changes, no doubt, to reduce the staggering and still exponentially growing levels of human alienation from the rest of nature, you know, from that real world you want to forget the more, the more it is strangled by the un/intended consequences of modern progress. If the Internet sucked even more, maybe more people would step away from fucking screens sometimes. This would be — you guessed it — a good thing. I would love to see the confused masses offline. Makes me smile to imagine it.

As for what the FCC is doing, it should come as no surprise. As with all things that stem from capitalism and that people like — even if they’re shit — the system builds them up in search for profit and in the same search of profit it soon afterwards fucks them up and tears them down.

Does that mean that I suport the FCC? My answer is Fuck the FCC and fuck Ajit Pai, the ex-Verizon corporate crony that now leads it. No, I do not support the FCC.

But I will not support your fictions, either.

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One Way to Gauge Your Optimism

Ride your bicycle to work on a windy day. Wear shorts. Comfortable saddle optional. Mine was comfy but discomfort might actually help some people towards the result desired here.

Now then, work your way through the frantic city traffic and almost get killed by dumbass drivers with one hand holding their phones up to their ear and the other clutching at a cigarette. After a cascade of similar encounters with a whole variety of idiots out there, you finally get to the parking lot outside the office building, if you’re my kind of loser and at least intermittently work at an office, and secure your bike to a road sign to which you’re not supposed to secure it.

And now for the test: As you feel the pleasant, soothing cold spreading across and all over your inner thighs, gradually filling all the nooks and crannies between your seemingly moist skin and the fabric of your undies, what do you think happened?

Is it a) just that wind finding its way through your shorts? or b) yeah, this time you shit your pants and it’s the brown that just made you feel good for a moment?

Just how much of an optimist are you?

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What’s Your Name, Hurricane?

HurricaneIsabelHarvey. Irma. Katrina. What is up with giving hurricanes regular human names? Seems strange. I know what some are going to say. That Irma is fast approaching Florida and now is not the time for this kind of tomfoolery. Well, I should have posted this yesterday, I guess–when Hurricane Irma was devastating Cuba–or two days ago–when it was all balls-out–in the Bahamas, and then it would have been fine.

But you know what? When a flood hit my hometown in 1997 the rest of the world was busy jackin’ off to young Jenna Jameson, back when she didn’t look like nature’s mistake, and no one cared we had to swim to the grocery store only to find it had not opened for the day and we would have to wait on the roof until noon “because it’s Saturday, dummy!”


So, what is up with the names? Is it to personify nature yet again after it has been thoroughly demystified in modern times by all the scientific poking? Is it to give nature a semblance of intention? Is it a quasi-religious thing? Hurricane God? That one would be strong, no doubt. But why all the nice names. Granted my sister’s name is a variant of Katrina and hell knows she ain’t too much of a nice person, so maybe I get that one. But Irma?

Irma sounds plain nice. That’s the crux of it, I think: The media likes nice when nice is combined with cataclysmic. “The bad man shot an innocent girl.”

So what would you call them hurricanes?, someone shouts from the back of the room. I’d call them some real hurricane names. Something that, when the authorities said to get ready to evacuate, the name itself would convince me. Fast into my naming tenure there’d be Hurricane Vader and Hurricane Punishment and Hurricane Quick Justice. And of course Hurricane BamBam. The little dude from the Flintstones, not the teen Thai singer sensation.

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#547 Hours

My friend, stressed out by an interview she got going this afternoon, says to me, “I got up today at an hour that does not even exist.”

“What time?” I inquire.


“Yeah, heard about that one,” I say. “Mythical.”

“A veritable Loch Ness monster among hours”–

My friend is a rock star.

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Sex Fridge

According to this author’s confession to his priest, at least one woman in his life has matured enough to accept the idea of have a fridge stocked with snacks placed next to the bed in which the do their essential lovemaking. The sole condition posed by the woman was that the eats be reserved for after the intercourse. The author reluctantly agreed, fearing the solution would drastically increase the probability of having to cuddle–something every sane male despises.

In all this, though, the woman clearly cares about her sex life as much as satiating the author’s appetite. Her orgasms have improved in both frequency and intensity and she constantly dreams about her lover’s magnificent penis. No complaints heard anywhere, including the fridge manufacturer.

For his part, the priest was delighted to hear all this. He loves it when people get along and has requested that the next confession be accompanied by a series of sexually explicit photographs of the couple. With or without the snacks in the frame.

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Video Japan

Japanese video games have a flavor so distinct that even a person with no tongue could taste it. Different people than the bland–honestly, bland–American masses hungry for more standardized, convenient, mind-numbing entertainment and then complaining they are not getting anything new. Continue reading

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